Team Alex

Frey Quad City Wedding at Stoney Creek Inn  

It as such a wonderful opportunity for us to have been chosen to capture the wedding of Kevin and Megan Frey both in photography and video this past Saturday at Stoney Creek Inn, Moline, IL. Megan wore a beautiful wedding gown from Storybook Endings. When I first met with Kevin and Megan, they explained their love for photography and the outdoors. I also learned Kevin’s brother was one of our previous grooms from 2014 so we were even more excited to continue to photograph not only a wonderful new couple, but reunite with an incredibly fun family as well.  Since Kevin and Megan love the outdoors and spend plenty of time snowboarding, we planned their engagement shoot to be in the snow. On February 11th, they braved the bitter cold and got their wish with a chilly wind chill of 11 degrees at VanDeVeere Park!! We were freezing but Megan and Kevin smiled as if it were 80 degrees in each other’s arms.  That’s when I started to see there was something special about this couple.  What I didn’t realize then, was how incredibly big the hearts of Kevin and Megan were, but this would be revealed on April 9th, 2016 at their wedding and reception.  The Stoney Creek Inn was the perfect venue for this outdoor loving couple and with the help of  Tamara Wendt Design, the ceremony and reception was adorned with gorgeous, fragrant flowers from the ceiling to the floor.  Megan and Kevin announced in lieu of a dollar dance, they asked their guests to contribute to the Royal Ball Run which they both will be participating in on June 25th. This will raise money for Autism research which benefits those like their nephew Tyson, who has Autism. Tyson, did an incredible job as their ring bearer and has made tremendous progress.  At the end of the night, Megan and Kevin asked everyone to gather on the floor for a group photo. We had great assistance from their DJ Brent Smith of Premier Sound Entertainment who is always so helpful to announce and organize the crowd! This time, Kevin and Megan were taking the opportunity to bless their friend Alex who was undergoing chemo treatment as she has acute myeloid leukemia (AML).  The guests wore orange bandanas and flex their muscles to send a message of STRENGTH to their beautiful friend!! I could feel the energy in the room during this moment surge to a new level and I believe the power of this moment will do exactly that, give Alex strength!! I don’t think I’ll ever take a group shot again and not think of this amazing couple, Megan and Kevin Frey, whom I’ve had the absolute honor of playing such an important part of their lives.  A thousand blessings to you and your new life together Kevin and Megan Frey. You have hearts as precious as gold and as big as the outdoors you play in.  Thank you so much for inviting Avenue Studios to capture your incredible wedding day. More photos to come but for now……enjoy!