If someone would have told me 10 yrs about that I would be a full-time photographer, I would have said, “Ya right, in my dreams!”  Well, I am living my dream and I could not be happier.  I believe because I waited so long to achieve the status of being a full-time, studio owning professional photographer, I push myself harder than most. I want more out of the shoot, more out of the event and more out of myself as a creative artist to achieve a portrait worthy of hanging in my client’s home to treasure for generations to come.  I want my client’s kids, grandkids and future generations to say, look at my parents, grandparents, great grandparents isn’t their wedding portrait an incredible work of art!!  I am not the same photographer I was 10 years ago, 5 years ago or even 1 year ago and I will not be the same photographer in another year than I am today. I am constantly learning, growing, studying, creating and pushing myself to go above and beyond for my clients.  A HUGE part of what helps me along the way is my husband and partner Dave.  Not only is he an incredibly talented photographer, videographer and musician, he does all the “boring” stuff like bills, computer issues, etc and well, there are so many areas of his expertise that it would be a long list. He supports me with constructive feedback and wonderful praise when something I’ve worked hard on is achieved. I broaden my mind with feedback from an incredible group of experts who are professional photographers and teachers of our art all across the nation.  They take precious time out of their busy lives to teach and I am blessed to say the least to have such incredible people who support me along my journey that I pray has no end. I am loving life and this epic adventure along the way.  To the clients who have allowed me to photograph your engagement, wedding, anniversary, babies, seniors, families and businesses, THANK YOU!!! To those who have hired me and are awaiting your big event, THANK YOU for trusting I will take care of you in the utmost creative and caring way. To those thinking of hiring me, just know that if you do, you’ve hired a relentless, inspired ball of fire girl who is thrilled to be there with you and won’t stop creating, learning and growing in her abilities so that you will have the most epic, beautiful and treasured memories hanging on your walls at home.  Here are two photos I entered into my first competition ever. They achieved a merit score and received a vision award.  I love what I do, I hope you love it to! Erica & Andy Vision Award